Late. Rakupathy S

September 27 Late. Mr. Rakupathy S November 19

I thought of dedicating this blogpost to my cousin who died on 19 November, 2008 in Bangalore.

he is the person who toiled himself to greater heights, achieved many things, recognized by people, worked for some of greatest companies in the world, had a caring family,friends and wellwishers.

he is the person who is really loved by everybody for his nature, purity in relationships etc…

Everything shattered on November 19, 2008 night when i received a call from my dad and then my other cousins who informed his death.

it was like a massive blow on my heart… when i reached my home of stay in chennai, it was almost 11.40 pm, i opened Orkut and saw his photograph.

His memories cannot be erased till my soul departs from my body.

when the recession started, when bangalore newspapers published that news, he was the one who called me and told me not to panic and asked me to come there after my bond gets over.

my heart gets filled with grief when i see his mails, scraps etc…

he was my friend, guide, cousin, brother…we, his cousins shed our tears when we went there to his home for funeral.

The tears shows our real love for you…

may your soul rest in peace…