The world has no time for looking into the silent success of Indian Space Research Organisation.

In fact, we, the Indians, might not have looked into the serious victory of lunar mission.

it may be because of our own worries. the economic conditions. the surging markets. et cetra.

i wonder if this mision has not fulfilled every indian might be knowing it properly.

i question you “have you ever tried to visit ISRO’s website?”, “have you ever tried to know the team apart from Dr.Kasturirangan or Dr.Madhavan Nair?”.

ISRO Chandrayaan Team

ISRO Chandrayaan Team

i guess most of us will answer “no” for my questions.

we have pride in our nation’s every successes. we unite together every moment the nation falls.

i remember my days when i was in secondary education when kargil war broke. i donated 100 Rs. as a fund. i consider it as a proud contribution despite the amount whether its 10 rs or 100 rs. i took part in my nation’s struggle.

it’s how we were. in our childhood. its true that our schools are meant for marketing and developing the patriotism.

i now feel proud to post the photograph of successful team of indian lunar mission “Chandrayaan”. i feel proud that i graduated from a college which provided me an opportunity to interact with people like Dr.Kasturirangan who originally gave us a detailed introduction about Chandrayaan two years ago when the project was in its post-initial stages.

Lets share and celebrate our Space Teams victory…