Lehman Brothers?

I was just astonished today morning when i wacthed CNBC TV 18. There was a flash news portraying Lehman’s bankruptcy. Where is America heading? When firms like Lehman, ML turns its head down, then what is the future of others including bigbosses JPMorgan, GS, MS etc… Is the problem dwelling with CEOs or with Country’s respected President?

It started with Citi, when it showed its Quarter reports in the negative margins which showed the losses of its single quarter which is just equal to my company’s total revenue. I coudn’t digest the news of Lehman’s Bankruptcy. Its been rated as one of best places to work in Fortune and Forbes! Is media making these firms a conglomerate?

But every industry have ups and downs! i was thinking few weeks back about switching my career from IT Services to Product or Finance. but thinking about the economic nature of every industry i changed my idea of so. Eventhough ML’s news was speculating from almost 6 month, i never expected that this condition will be an end to Lehman. but Will the CEOs think about investors and make wise decisions in future? it will always be a questionmark? hoping the best will happen to Lehman Bros.! But did the Government made a wise decision? When no Investment banks in Japan or China is crashing then how does US majors fail?does US need war hero anymore?