Lessons learnt from 1.9 years of my stint with International Business Machines (IBM)

By October 8, 2012, I would be completing my 5 years in my career. On the same date, I would have been 7 days then, released from my current project. 

From the day I joined IBM, I didn’t had enough free time to blog. The career was always tough for me like a frigate in the storm. I am lucky enough to get an onsite opportunity, where I have to exhibit my skills in the multi-vendor scenario. Though I have started with the projects, which had multiple vendors, I was not in a position then to face the heat in the multivendor arena. 

I am penning down this at the time when we lost the project after 3.5 years to the India’s cheapest vendor TCS. The project was architected by IBM’s finest professionals from Belgium and jointly developed by IBM Belgium and IBM India. Nowadays, I am often feeling sorry for the way our Indians, who have a very different perspective towards the career. Many of our people lack professionalism. Many of us think, career should start with a developer then in 3-5 years, team lead and again in the same interval, we think of how to overthrow the manager and occupy his seat. We also teach the same to our following generation. Thereafter the struggle begins to sustain the seat that we ave occupied. The struggle continues then…Because, we have gone behind the position and desired for it, we don’t want to leave it as well…To safeguard it,, everyday we will be suspicious about the team members. Rather than concentrating on the work, unfortunately, we end up in concentrating on holding our position and projecting ourselves by speaking some nonsense stuffs in the conference calls, calling for unnecessary meetings etc… 

Rather than avoiding the internal conflicts and creating the mutual harmony among the team, they start to create a rift and irritation among the workforce. The managers and leaders don’t even realise what a team building is…because most of those people were unaware of what a team is…I have observed in most of the meetings, the shortcut technique to create the visibility is to ask questions, no matter what/how stupid the question is…I have witnessed a developer who was given 250% hike in salary by IBM, and to justify the fact that he is capable of what he is getting, manager has asked him to ask some questions in the meetings, because he was given so and so band, and he should create some visibility. 

The life in Indian IT company goes on like this…

Luckily I got an opportunity to work with IBM Belgium, IBM Germany, IBM Netherlands and IBM Swiss. The dedication that they show is amazing. I have never met and will not meet any such guys in future. I often feel that I am fortunate enough in my life to team up with those guys. They are absolutely professional and no-nonsense people. They have the passion for their work and they excel in what they are doing. No attitude like Indian managers who think that if they are friendly with subordinates, they will loose the respect / their peers will not respect them. 

Here is a photo where one of my colleague invited our IBM Germany, IBM Swiss and IBM Belgium colleagues for a dinner….




If any of the above guys are reading this blog, I am thanking you very much guys…you were absolutely fantastic. I have learnt a lot from you guys for my career and life. You made me to rethink about staying in India…:-)


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