Last day in Satyam

Three years in Satyam Computer Services Ltd., ………….Great! a mixed bag of emotions and experiences…from a successful campus selection, successful training completion, successful project interview, successful first project delivery on time, scam of a unimaginable magnitude, leaders who stood with us, vice-presidents who left us, joining the sustenance team, unwillingness to join Capgemini who broke the partnership with Satyam, readiness to work without any expectation of receiving a hike, working with somebody whom i have always astonished about, etc…etc…

Now i feel that i have matured little more…Why i stood with Satyam, even during its worst time, why i am leaving now? is it because of Money? No… had expectations, aspirations and when it appeared that it is never gonna happen here….my subconscious mind pushed me to look out for other opportunities….hoping and wishing that i wanted to get out of the company well before knowing its financial status…had made me little peaceful…Not worrying about its high profits/moving clients/ moving associates…because i have already left Satyam…

It was really a surprise when my previous leaders didnt asked me to stay back. When my present leader asked to stay back for unrealistic / professionally selfish reasons which irritated me by alarming me “Wake up!!! You are in the middle of Crocodiles”…i never demanded Satyam until my last day…i have contributed in all possible ways and whatever way i can probably…

I expect someone to come to my place to thank and wish me for my last date Satyam…from Office, from my Previous Projects….seems childish…but that might make me special;-)


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