Recent rumours…is it true by the way?

The recent rumours circulating among the pure-satyamites has created the furore among the loyalists of the former brand. Not many people knew about it. Neither the new intakes nor the new lateral hires care about it actually. But it is certainly going to provoke atleast handful of members of former Satyamites. The man who is admired by every satyamite is about to leave. The man has four lettered name and was instrumental in maintaining media, communications and human resources.

Everyone in satyam loved him for his personality and nature of administration. The new board has spoiled its name among the shareholders and now its their turn to get hatred amongst the loyal satyamites. The man has always kept his words and time. He delivered his duties on time and worked beyond the call of duties when satyam demanded. Now its time for MSat Board to ditch him and certainly they did now i guess. His voice and approvals on this appraisal has been rejected by the CP and the Mah***ra board.

First time in my career i am regretting for my decision of staying with satyam for so long period and will consider quitting if the rumour becomes truth…Mah***ras should remember and reanalyze what is going on among the S band associates…Its time to rethink about the stay with satyam…pure and brave satyamites….wakeup before the Mah***ras ditches us..

Note: This post will be withdrawn if the news circulating is false…


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