A thought on the today’s politics…

“Take care of the children well…Make sure that they are happy…” These are the last few words uttered to his wife by a martyr before his death in Chatisgarh…

I couldn’t imagine a better Home Minister than Shri L.K.Advani…and i think nobody have overtook him in governance. I remember the Kandhahar incident…if it happens now i am sure nobody would be alive who have boarded that flight. The F***ing Home minister is not even capable of winning his constituency ethically and why the hell should he be a cabinet minister? The Congress needs someone who can play with words during the Press Meet. Thats it.

Rural Employment Scheme is the major reason for rise in essential commodity raise. A Woman who works in a field from 9:00 AM till 3 PM [Tea Break includes at the owners cost] earns a sum of 170 Rs in non season to 250 INR in the peak season. And men earns 250 in off season to 300 INR during the season. The RES pays the people who go to public place and sleep in the shadows of the trees.

Tamilnadu has 74000 Cr INR as Debt. Andhra has more than that. Maharasthra overtakes both these states. Out of 74K INR, half the amount will be looted by Politicians…In my village, there was a man who used to sell tea in a area where Harijans live. He belongs to DMK, the ruling party. Remember, my village comes into a panchayat where no industry is there. You know how much asset he have now…he have two ground of land in a nearby town. Few acre land bought in my village. He drives a Maruti car now. Imagine how much money is these F***king DMK men loots. I have hell lot of examples like these….

In the name of Tamil Conference in Coimbatore, every tree in Avinashi Road has been cut down a year before….to expand the road. I doubt this might be the cause for the “A Record” high increase in temperature this year…Local gossips mount that the cabinet minister for textiles had bought 14 spinning mills in and around Coimbatore and hundreds of acres in land in coimbatore.

Tirupur is also not left by DMK men. KN Nehru, a minister in tamilnadu, has brother who owns a garment export division in Tirupur. For the pending payments with his client, the RTO comes to signal and capture the vehicle and asks the driver to ask his owner to settle the goods before date and asks him to collect the RC Book thereafter.

These are some of the samples that is happening around me here…I don’t want to vote and these people, even my parents are very interested in getting those “Free Items”. when i spoke with my parents they asked me, if everybody is receiving the items why should we leave that…let us share the materials that you, the tax payers are helping the government in building/developing the infrastructre. I even heard that Selvi Selvam is the agent for the total tamilnadu’s “Kalaignar Kaapeedu Thitam” a medical insurance scheme carried forward to service the TN People in alliance with Star Health Insurance.


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