My Questions to the Journalist

From Twitter…..

# sardesairajdeep

office abuzz with talk about apple tablet. generational thing i guess. doing a special on it at 8.30 pm about 7 hours ago from web

10 pm on cnn ibn’s face the nation: the chatwal controversy: time to scrap the padma awards? write into about 7 hours ago from web

complete analysis of sri lanka elections and what it means for india on india at 9 tonight. about 7 hours ago from web

rajapakshe is sri lanka’s narendra modi. polarising figure, but with a large vote bank.
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BDUTT : attended republic day reception in london. proud to see international biggies like ln mittal sing the anthem, he never gave up passport about 7 hours ago from web

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I just compared two different leading personalities’ tweets of the great Indian Television Journalism. On one side i felt very proud and on the other way i felt just the opposite way.

I am a Tamilian and i just felt ashamed of being so. My race is slowly and steadily destroyed there. We have Panch sheel principles and we cannot involve in other nation’s internal affairs but atleast the News channels or their promoters shouldn’t air such shows which showcases or makes the viewers to visualize the situation there.

UN is unable to act. US is unable to act. UK is unable to act on the situation in Lanka on the violation of Human rights.

My question is…Sardesai might have started the channel just because he was the fifth highest paid in NDTV then and wanted to earn more fame and wealth…but this is not the right way to carry on. I feel ashamed of watching CNN-IBN. Look at his tweets above…compare his tweets with that of Barkha…

Who cares whats going on in Srilankan elections…Even the srilankan citizen might not be knowing whats really going on there…Rajapakse is compared with Narendra Modi…My goodness…Modi is heading the state which is the only liquor free state in India..he plans his budget without a single paise income from Liquor. Mr. Modi gave the land to Nano…was it because it earns him a revenue? definitely No… Sardesai have produced a show of Makers of India and left out the Tatas. He didn’t even mentioned a word about the Tatas.

I am not working in any of the Tata concerns. but i always remember the Tatas for making, developing and bringing the poor to middle class and middle to upper middle class. Ask a normal citizen, whether he wants to work for Ambanis or The Tatas…I am sure that they will answer the later…

My humble request to Journalists like Sardesai is…You have vibrant journalists like Mr. Thapar, Ms. Bhan in your network…i accept that you are atleast far talented than me, or i would say you’ve got opportunities a lot than what i got…but because you have got the media in your hands, dont bluff what ever you thought in social media…because crores of people read it…You shall write these tweets in or because it is yours and only those who love your thought may visit and comment on it…but dont scribble whatever you thought in twitter…

Atleast learn from Ms. Barkha who have succeeded you in NDTV…


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