Gone are the Days!!!

Having celebrated my 25th Birthday a week ago, I have hardly realized about the pace of the spun of my life. I use to think always about others which does not have any accountability on my life and never took the serious things very seriously but also not in a funny manner. The age has given me enough experience to place a dot of my thought process on life so far.

This birthday has set me to draw few financial plans.This has asked me to arrange some regular inflow for aging parents. yet i couldn’t answer the question “What is your career aspiration?” when my delivery head asked me second time!!! Might be it because of inexperience in job?

Will i be able to run a Service Providing company successfully after 10 year from now? My mind says Yes! but the brain asks the question How successful will you run? will you be able to measure it?

The Inflation, Corruption, Inability of better leadership succession in national and state politics etc..is urging me to travel and settle in abroad. but then again comes the question of parentage and properties. so when am i be able to answer these questions? Gone are the days that i never ever thought like these stuffs i have bluffed here 😀


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