The Five years of fabulous Firefox!!!

PhoenixFirebird….and finally Firefox was born on November 9, 2004!

Eventhough i missed out to wish “Happy Birthday” to the brainchild of Blake Ross. I remember the days when i eagerly read a coverstory on Mr.Ross in LFY journal in my college library. I wondered how a 19 year old could create a Browser and an email client.

This year, Firefox has made an advancement by conquering the major share of ~45% in Browser Usage Market. This could be a victory for the great Mozilla Foundation, which spreads how powerful open standards are. My roommates wonder why i am using Openoffice, Firefox etc…instead of pirated version of Microsoft Office and IE [Eventhough i use Windows…because my machine is not so powerful to hold another OS and i share my system with my friend:-P].

Hope the rest of years will also be a successful journey for Firefox, as it has already beaten IE, Safari, Chrome etc…and on it’s fifth year, it became unprecedented king of browsers.

Congrats and thank you Blake….


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