After 2 years of my career path…

It was October 8, 2007. The venue was CCR, Chennai – The Mighty Satyam Computer Services Ltd.’s tall stood near Nandanam Signal near The Park Sheraton. It was the first day of my career. The Induction in The Deccan Plaza, Opening up of bank accounts, Formal talk by great leaders who heads many IBUs now…were held.

After 2 years, today…after a small get together, when i look back my days…Many have changed, the people, their characteristics, the company, the leaders etc…etc…The once funfilled batch have become very dry…Many running for Walkins, Many struggling to crack CAT, Many attending the CAT classes and so and so…I feel only few were satisfied with my company…Are they demotivated? definitely not…

When i entered chennai i got X Rs as annual package, and so far nothing was changed in my salary except a few thousands. but what about inflation?

I remember that i had a quality unlimited food for Rs 22 on those days [Before 2 years], Chapathi 6 Rs. Dosa 6 Rs. and the price tag now is,

Meals – 32 Rs.
Chapathi – 10 Rs.
Paratha – 20 Rs [Previously 12 Rs]
Dosa – 9 Rs.

So, in order to meet up the needs, you have to climb up the ladder. Thats why people are hunting the jobs like anything…in chennai.

I really wonder about a company which have presence in Coimbatore is offering X rs in Chennai for certain role and X+Y Rs for same role in coimbatore…

It’s time for me to rethink about my decision after a week…


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