Mahindra Satyam Family Day – Celebrations

It was on October 2, 2009 evening, the crowd started flowing in. The stalls were open in CMS [Chennai Marg Square] Location of Mahindra Satyam. Stalls ranged from Bangles Shop, Parrot Astrology to Photo Exhibition. I haven’t visited every stall as i had work till that morning from previous day and i came late to office during evening as my shift was from 5:00 PM – 2:00 AM.

There was snacks shops from vada, pav etc… For kids, there were lot of items to enjoy right from tall people who tied some sticks inside their foot and rose upto half the coconut tree and started to walk in the premises. and they were professional walkers…Poikal Kudirai aattam was there…and a lot to name here.

There was a Magic show from Tirunelveli Raja…which was thoroughly enjoyed by Kids as well as the families of MSat.

Kids enjoying the Magic Show during MSat Family Day

Kids enjoying the Magic Show during MSat Family Day

It’s again a memorable day for MSat as the lost celebrations were slowly returning. We miss our old friends and colleagues whom we befriended here at the same place an year ago. Eventhough the attendees were in a large number, it didn’t outplaced the yester year’s crowd.

The Bold Pink Kid, Who sung, danced and participated in Magic Show

The Bold Pink Kid, Who sung, danced and participated in Magic Show

The Pink Kid whom i mentioned in the above photograph, has really rocked the stage. First i saw her on the stage when the magician called a kid who should be a bold girl. After the show with some scary magics which she never fear for, she came up again with a fantastic and sentimental song from Autograph, “Ovvoru Pookalume” and again she came up to stage for “Vaala Meenukkum ” song for a extremely fantastic dance along with Deepika, An Associate of Satyam.

I couldn’t click some of the rare photos as i didn’t noticed my battery for the camera was already drown.

Vincy Joseph presented the show very well, and for the people who know Vincy, i don’t have to tell or Praise about her. She’s an extremely talented and elegant lady who can influence anybody as she makes a strong presence in all minds in a very professional way.

I shall notice all Big People of MSat Chennai yesterday along with their families. SAP Global Head, GM’s Global Delivery Head, GM’s Global Head, Chevron Global Head and many were there along with their kids and families.

Eventhough everything was arrange perfectly, something was missing yesterday. That’s the Josh we had as Satyam Computer Services during yesteryear’s celebrations.

Anyway the ship is meant for sailing and it’s doing so forth…

Some snaps i clicked yesterday…forgive me..i had a very bad camera yesterday…:-)

During the Magic Show

During the Magic Show

The Pink Kid

The Pink Kid

The Stage

The Stage

msat 006

Finally, Vincy managed to get some very young babies who have just forgotten the smell of Milk. They started to sing and speak on the stage. The lights were set off as those kids shouldn’t get afraid. One kid started to cry when the Mic he hold was asked to return. It was really fantastic to watch as the parents had tougher time in returning the mic given to those kids. Some were singing, some were singing Rhymes, some were speaking something, some started to run in the stage joyously….Hope i should be here until the next year’s celebrations.


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