Ottavio Quattrocchi??? Shame on you Mrs.Rajiv Gandhi!!!

It’s a clean chit passed to CBI…Come to power…get the people you want…who obey and wave their tail for their entire life for the promotion they got…do some idiotic name in the favour of person in command…in the name of loyalty and get the retirement as soon as possible…

Its the same department which had Mr. Karthikeyan and Mr.Raghavan once.

In January 2006, it was found that CBI had quietly unfrozen bank accounts of Italian businessman Ottavio Quattrocchi, one of the prime accused in the Bofors scandal of 1986 which had tainted the Rajiv Gandhi government.[3] The Central Bureau of Investigation has been responsible for the inquiry into the Bofors Case. Associates of the late prime minister Rajiv Gandhi were linked to alleged pay-offs made in the mid-1980s by the Swedish arms form AB Bofors, with $40 million in kickbacks moved from Britain and Panama to secret Swiss banks. The $1,300 million arms purchase of 410 howitzer field guns involved in the sale were reported to be inferior to those offered by a French competitor.

“The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), which defreezed Rs 21 crore stashed in a London bank in two accounts held by Bofors scam accused Ottavio Quattrocchi and his wife Maria in 2006, has facilitated his travel across the globe by asking Interpol to take him off the “wanted” list on 29 Apr 2009. Following a communication from the CBI, the Interpol has withdrawn the Red Corner Notice against the Italian. The development that comes barely three weeks before the end of the Manmohan Singh government’s tenure has brought back the issue of the Bofors scandal to the centre stage.” – source – Wikipedia

It is same CBI which have launched the case against Rajiv Gandhi & Gov [I don’t even like to add a Mr. before his name] for the commissioned play between a country which have 100 Cr people. Didn’t Rajiv Gandhi thought this as a matter concerned with national security. I believe that the end for him was in a right way that means a end through security lapse for a guy who mistook and mishandled the people’s money.

Prime Minister and his cabinet is so much loyal towards the Gandhi family. It’s just a shame on him. CBI’s responsible ministry reports directly to PM. Did he thought that the pay and fees paid for handling this case is costlier than the amount paid for this business man.

Beware India…There is one more foreign lady being added up to Gandhi Family. That might allow another foreigner to loot our land’s money.

Humble Request to BJP and Communist Party of India. Please make a rule that disallows a foreigner or a fellow citizen through foreign roots shouldn’t hold a single post in government / Politics. Please make it…Atleast our future generation will be in the shadow of better leaders!!!


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