Matt Mullenweg. The Man behind the WordPress.

In any large accomplishment, Team work is the essential key for an astonishing success.

Every now and then, i have used wordpress for blogging. But i never wondered who is behind the WordPress. The thought arose me today. For the people who doesn’t have heard of Matt Mullenweg, the folowing paragraph is an introduction on him.

Matt is an ultracool enterpreneur [ I’ve seen some videos of him]. A former CNET employee. University Dropout. A guy who was rumoured to turned down a takeover of his Blog Czar for some millions. Founder of Automattic. Employees around a three digit heads mostly of open source freaks. Then what else??? i have to dedicate my entire day to write about him eventhough i didn’t met him or personally know him…

Matt is in wordpress. Matt is in Twitter. And is his blog :P.

Its definitely a worth to visit his blog. A snapshot of it below…

Matt's Blog Page

Matt's Blog Page


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