After 12 Months in Mahindra Satyam…turning my pages back!

It was around 3:00 PM evening on 19th September, 2008. The day i got a call from the prestigious client of our Satyam computer Services Ltd. I couldn’t believe myself that i got a telephonic view call from Fortune 6 Client. I went into meeting hall with a paper and a pen and have answered most of the questions from Struts, Java, JSP, Servlets JDBC etc…I was asked to come to our Karapakkam location immediately. On the way i remember that i prayed to a goddess on the way [near OMR tollgate].

The original situation was, i have been eliminated by Honda’s first interview, I didn’t prefered to attend Honda’s second interview as i was hesitating then to work for Japanese client, Because of my attitude, i got rejected by Caterpillar [We have argued over the opensource and monopoly of microsoft in the interview which i regretted for it later. I turned down the offer to get into SBI Project. I was eagerly waiting for getting into Railcorp or eBay at that time. Railcorp recruited experienced whereas eBay project was in pipeline for a longer period. it was almost 8 months in bench for me…from february till september…

That was the period that i was desperately looking for some project. I was ready to even sweep the floors of satyam at that time. I feared for not getting into project. My confidence started to melt at that time. when i got the call i spoke very confidently with an aim that i should definitely get that project.

Another important thing was i became very senior in bench at that time excluding the laterals[experienced]. The guys who worked along with me during learning center days too got into the projects. infact, i was ashamed of myself. but i grabbed the final opportunity. I wonder if i haven’t grabbed that opportunity i would have gone out of satyam without project experience and don’t even find time like this to blog…after completing my night shifts.

Coming back to the point where i left with prayers….it was sweet surprise that i had no more rounds of interviews and was directly introduced to my Project Manager and then introduced to our Front Office Manager Todd from Canada.

The next three months were really hectic…Without knowing what a client project is, without knowing a design pattern i got a KT on the application for just half an hour and was asked to work on it from monday.

My PL told me that since it’s my first project, she gave me the easiest module to me. i have used to standalone java programs and very small web applications. but its a massive web application for entire Fortune 6 Client’s canada division. I read through the SRS, AOD etc..etc… finally thought that i should complete it at any cost. The funniest thing was nobody knew the real complexity of it.

My fellow teammates were 1. Experienced lady from Verizon who worked for Honda in Satyam 2. An Experienced guy from Virtusa 3. DBA of 8 yrs exp with profile inclusion of Polaris and a retail & logistics. 4. Another guy from Honda Project 5. Karunya university’s 2007 year gold medalist 6. Another experienced women 7. Another ELTP like me and then PL and PM.

The Canadian Manager’s language seems to be an non-english for me. I got a lot of scoldings from my PL and infact i was verymuch afraid of my PL then. later when deadline crossed [8 days time for 2800 hrs estimated work:D] i complained to my PM that i couldn’t withstood the pressure and stress from PL. She told not to speak publicly as it might spoil the team’s reputation. later it was divided and identified it was the toughest part of entire project and finally the whole team worked on it and we even make it a success finally after a lot of escalations.

During the project i had an average sleep of 3-5 hrs per day including the weekends. I along with few others were retained for warranty phase from january to march. It was on January 7, when we went for official break i.e. team outing for a movie ‘Vaaranam Ayiram’ and returned, we were informed of resignation of our then chairman Mr.Raju.

After that incident we suffered a series of blows and unexpected happenings beyond anybody’s imagination. Yes. Satyam was believed to be ‘no more’. There were series of emails, signboards etc…which really boosted many people like me to work beyond our capacity. We were provoked by own competitors.

The rest is history. I have tried to thank personally to Honorable Former Corporate Minister Shri PC Gupta but i couldn’t get his email id. I was able to wish the speaker when he announced his retirement from politics but couldn’t thank CA Minister.

Later i moved to same project’s Maintainence and Support Team which i am working on it still. Our project got its termination letter during February and during November its going to signoff officially. Everybody was poached by Capgemini. Many agreed on the fears that they dont have future here. They have families to run and kids to take care. I, being a bachelor rejected the offer on my wish for working for Mahindra Satyam until it is stabilized. I got a 10% hike even during the toughest time[So Called by Profitable Companies] + 20k signing bonus and a guarantee of considerable hike during january appraisal theirs. I went to their office and had a discussion with their Regional Delivery Manager and HR. They have even communicated my discussion to my present FLCLs and asked whether i have accepted the offer. I had a discussion with our Delivery Manager who insisted me to join CG. My FLCL [PM’s Manager] insisted me to join. My PM told me he couldn’t believe that i didnot joined. Everyone looked at me with a question that why this guy is so crazy? but poor people doesn’t believe that Mahindra Satyam doesn’t depend upon a single client’s project. We still have Fortune 6 Client’s direct projects, Fortune 6 Client’s Projects partnered with HP.

Within 365 days i have faced a lot more than noted above. I cherish my every experience here. I would like to taste that sweeter time here and it is not too far. I am glad to show how i have many good friends who send emails whenever they see a happy news about Mahindra Satyam. I am blessed to have such friends. Our employer is blessed to have such well wishers allover India who are connected with Mahindra Satyam in no means.

A Wellwisher intimating a goodnews to me.

A Wellwisher intimating a goodnews to me.


2 thoughts on “After 12 Months in Mahindra Satyam…turning my pages back!

  1. Its good to see this post, I am in same situation as you have mentioned in first few paragraphs. Most of my friends left for Project. And I am still on bench since July 2012.
    I have one interview tomorrow for GSK Client in info city, fingers crossed.

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