Must Read…. Just Imagine how small we are….

Assets gained by an Ex-CM in his 5 years as Ex Chief Minister

* Raheja Corporation land allocation for Infrastructure ( 200 acres in first phase and 300 acres in second phase)- EX CM’s son gets 50 percent share
* 500 acres in the 1000 acres allocation to Gangavaram port
* Brahmani Steels investment – Rs.40,000 crore – EX CM’s son gets 50 percent stake
* Indu and Brahmani Infotech companies get 250 acres with 50 percent stake to EX CM’s son.
* Rs.3500 crore investment for a six million tones Cement factory at Kamalapuram in Kadapa district.
* Rs.6000 crore Hydro electric project -1200 MW in Sikkim – EX CM son gets 50 per cent stake
* 1000 acres bought in and around Bangalore – land cost Rs.Three crore per acre.
* Rs.250 crore commercial complex on Bannerghatta Road in Bangalore
* 25 acres land in Hyderabad, Kukkapally Housing Board location.
* 90 acres in benami bought in IT corridor area of Gacchibowli .
* 151 acres of granite mining lands in Prakasam district ,Cheemakurthi (world famous for its black and gold granite stone ) in benami company (Gimpex ).
* Mauritius shell companies 2 I Capital , Flury Emerging Capital purchase 125 crore worth shares in Sandur Power Ltd –
* Benami subsidiaries : Bhagavat Sannidhi, Carmel Asia Holdings, Harish Infra, Classic Realty, Janani Infra,Marvel Infra ,SiliconBuilders, Capstain Infra, Shalome Infra, Inspire Hotels
* Purchase of Assigned lands -1000 acres in Kandur village and 500 acres in Chitwel village of Kadapa district
* Sakshi , newspaper with EX CM’s son as chairman with investment of Rs.600 crore.
1. 40 companies from Kolkatta, Gujarat, Chennai, Bangalore,Maharashtra invest in Sakshi venture
2. Such unheard of investments from all over India in a Telugu news paper venture .
3. Two investors in Sakshi – Artilians Bioinnovations and Stocknet International listed in global stock markets- the share priced at less than Rs. One and promoters stake only 0.3 percent
4. But both companies pay premium of Rs.350 for Sakshi scrips .
5. All companies which invested in Sakshi and Jagati publications get Government projects – Vanpic,SEZ,Mining licenses.
6. Price Waterhouse Cooper ( PwC) of Satyam Computers Scam fame are auditors of Jagati Publications.
7. PwC certifies that Sakshi has a circulation of 12 lakhs daily to beget Govt Ads .
8. AP Govt giving Ads to Sakshi without ABC certificates.

* Ex EX CM’s son has 50 percent stake in Rs.1200 crore 3000 MW power project in Arunachal Pradesh in collaboration with the AP Genco and M/s Athena Power energy and Ventures pvt Ltd .
* Tandla Solutions , another benami unit of EX CM’s son purchased 250acres in Ranga Reddy district with an investment of Rs.500 crore.
Illegal occupation of thousands of acres in Kadapa District
* Though owned only 120 acres in Idupulapaya Estate EX CM family grabbed over 1000 acres and built a compound wall .All these lands belonged to assigned lands of poor, tank bed lands, temple lands, forest lands and even roads .
* 1000 acres in Kondur village and 500 acres in Chitwel village in illegal occupation of EX CM’s family.
* Bungalow constructed at Pulivendula over 5 acres land at a cost of Rs.Three crore.

Y.S.V Reddy

* Chief Ministers brother and Ex MP from Kadapa constructed a complex over 2000 sq yard land in front of Hitech City in Madhapur worth Rs.25 crore belonging to Ghatkesar Gurukul Trust and rented to a software
company .

Y V S Reddy

* Buillt a Hydro project on Tungabhadra river near Rajolibanda diversion location and affected drinking water source for Mahbubnagar district .
* Encroached 1000 sq yards of Jublee enclave of Jaibheri in the name of Swarnalatha Reddy and illegal lay out approved over surplus land declared .

CM’s brother S Reddy ( son-in-law of C C Reddy , Govt Advisor)

* He is a partner in a project for mining Illuminate mineral extraction from beach sand in North coastal Andhra coast in collaboration with an Switzerland company Bothlitrade Inc .

B. Y Reddy (YS cousin)

* Reports of embezzlement of Rs. 2.60 Crore in the Yuvraj Chit funds by Yuvraj Reddy.

R Reddy, brother-in law of YS

* Tried to grab farm lands in Denduluru village of West Godavari district in the name of setting up a fertilizer factory .
* He was instrumental in getting the irrigation contract of Sarvarayasagar-Vamikonda -Galeru nagari second phase works to IVRCL through Gamon India ltd.
* Encroached 3084 sq.ds of land in Survey No 67 of Madhapur ( IT corridor ) , regularization as land of Kothaguda instead of Madhapur.

EX CM’s relatives (Biradari)

* Four acres of land worth Rs. 50 crore in Pokkalavada of Manikonda in Rajendranagar Mandal of R R District given to close relatives of YS in the name of Genus Sajarath Ministries for setting up a Orphanage and Old
age home, prayer hall and recreation at a lease of just Rs. 40,000 per annum for 33 years .
* Relatives Y S Madhusudhan Reddy, Venugopal Reddy , Pratap Reddy grab 3.15 acres of land valued at Rs.15 crore in survey no 682/4.684/4, 700/2 near S V Subba Reddy college in Kadapa town

Outer ring Road scam

* Bharati Reddy ( wife of EX CM’s elder brother )
1. Bought 8.35 acres in Kolluru in 2005 September in survey no 148 and paid Rs.35.5 lakhs but now valued at Rs.13 crore.

* Y V Subba Reddy – Relative

1. Two acres ( survey no 25 ) in Osman sagar

2. 68.8 acres in Survey No- 117,119,121,122,123,124,125,126,131.132.134,136,141 . Land valued at
Rs.20 crore when closer to the ring road but now valued at Rs.125 crore after alignment of the Ring Road altered to benefit them .

* Ramasubbamma ( Another close relative)

She bought 3.28 acres in Kolluru Survey No-194/B and paid just Rs.22.20 lakhs but today valued at Rs. Six crore.


Same story in Visakha Pharma city

* Parthasarathy Reddy, chairman of Hetero Drugs is a close associate of Chief Minister.
* Hetero Drugs could get land in Visakha Pharma city and Jedcherla Formulations SEZ at throw away prices .
* Hetero drugs later within days invested Rs.13 crores in the Jagati publications enterprise of EX CM’s son .

Ramky gets cheap land
* Aeros Project , a subsidiary of Ramky an IT company also invested Rs7.77 crore in the Jagati Publications.
* Ramky got favors from the Government in various forms. Given land allocations in Visakha Pharma city , exempted from land taxes in the lands near Shamshabad airport . Got 19 acres from Housing board for throw away price .Blessings of the Govt in its real estate business.

Jedcherla to Jagati

* Another pharma company that benefited from investment in Jagati is Arabindo Pharma .
* The Trident Life Sciences , a subsidiary of Arabindo Pharma invested Rs.6.8 crore in Jagati publications.
* In turn it could get the Jedcherla formulations SEZ .
* Hetero drugs and Arabindo pharma are managing the Jedcherla SEZ.

Nadargul operators in Jagati:
* Potluri Hariprasad, the key architect in Nadargul land scandal has also invested Rs.48.61 crore in the Jagati publications .
* Bogus companies and benami individuals mortgaged the lands of Nadargul for a loan of Rs.800 crore.

Cement Syndicate:

* AP government favored Dalmia Cements, India Cements and Penna Cements to sell cement at Rs. 200 per bag in turn for their investments in Jagati Publications.


This is an email received from one of my friend. The information disclosed is not spread because of hatredness or to provoke people or because of enemity. This is just to compare where we stand economically.

I am very sure that my CM must be atleast twice wealthiest as him because it is his 4th term i guess. Long live Indian Politicians and wishes for their service to our Nation.


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