May your soul rests in peace Chief Minister…

I still remember the day when i was watching the TV in my home before 6 years on Election Announcement[Poll Results]. Eventhough i am from Tamil Nadu, The neighbouring state of AndhraPradesh, Iwas watching the TV with an eagerness that Chandrababu Naidu will Win…I never know and never heard of YSR at that time…

But being brought up by an Farmer, i had a good impression when YSR signed on the Stage itself when he took oath as a CM. I have watched it lively in Television.

Later, after 5 years, i am graduated, and now in Chennai working for a Company founded by a Andhra Man, I expected and even prayed that this man shouldn’t loose his elections…With a thumping majority he won in AP elections and elected for his second term in his CM Office.

Today is a black day for every Andhra Persons and every person from Agricultural Background.


farmers remember him ever for his help and vision…just as Tamil Nadu farmers remember Kalaignar…

Students remeber him ever because entire cost of the studies of  middle class and poor persons[Meritorious] is to be borne by AP government in Andhra…

His untimely death has caused the pain in everybody’s heart just as when JFKennedy[Junior]’s death in USA.

May his soul rest in Peace….

Dr. YSR and his Family [Source :]


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