India – on 63rd Independence day!

Some time ago, my nephew came from USA. He is a 3 rd grade student there. May be 8 years old. We had a chat which started with his plans of visits in India.

Somedays later when i was chatting with him, i asked him about the places he visited…he said that his uncle took him to Mettur Dam, Ooty, Blackthunder etc… I was asking him whether he saw crocodiles in Mettur? he said yeah!!!

Suddenly i asked him the difference between Crocodile and an Aligator…he thought for few seconds and anwered.

now…This is his turn for questioning me…The first question is “Do you know the difference between Cow and Duck?” lol…I didn’t know what to answer and i said i dont know! he asked me to come to USA and he said he will tell the answer there…i said after 3 years i will come there 🙂

Now the answer comes…After 10 years, India will be better than America so come now so that you can spend sometime there before USA going down…

He is a US born Indian and i never expected this answer from him…

On this 63rd Independence day…for the people from India who are reading this post…i wish to say “Happy Independence Day” and however and whatever may be…let us not forget the sacrifices made by our late freedom fighters…who made us to realize a dream and witnessing it coming true before eyes…it is not too late and it will not be too…

Let’s celebrate our independence day atleast through “Freedom of speech and freedom of writing” which many countries doesnot have even now….


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