Shame on Indian Sports Ministry and on Rahul Gandhi!!!

I felt ashamed of Indian Government today to the worst…

Read this article and come back

I have read many such articles but i couldn’t figure why this news today made such a horrible anger towards indian government.

What made me to feel bad was i tried to find the “The Next Portrayed Hero of Congress” Rahul but i couldn’t in the entire sites and even in google…

Its just shame shame shame on every indians and women in Indian Parliament…A woman athlete states that to feed her daughter she came into prostitution??? What is Sports ministry doing?

The congress government keeps on providing ministries to irresponsible and incapable people in party…What did Sunil Dutt did for Party? or for Sports? What did Meira Kumar did except her caste? this is really a bull shit!!!

A real sports personality like Dhanraj Pillai or Rajyavardan Singh Rathore should be made as a Rajyasabha MPs….How many years will Congress sells MP Seats to Film Personalities and Business Persons…

Did Congress have single point to claim that it has done a sector proud like BJP did Scientist sector by promoting Dr. Kalam as first Citizen…

In every means…the biggest sadness is i am unable to find Rahuls email id and next is if somebody know it please ask those fishers to read this link…

Thank god atleast my state provides 1 kg rice for 1 rupee for everyone…atleat this may save a thousands of ladies…


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