On August 19, 2007…I have posted this question on Linkedin.com…

I have posted this question in linkedin.com before two years…and the question is ….

Pierre Ketteridge

It’s there, as plain as your face in the now-infamous “Google World Domination Roadmap, in a dotted box bang in the middle:


How’s and haves? It will be a truly Global OS, its tendrils and scope infiltrating, and subsuming, every aspect of your everyday life. The OS roadmap include such innovative concepts as “Orbital Mind Control, “Spy Satellites”, Orbital Weapons Platform”, “Plan 9” and “Buy New Zealand”.

But you get 10s of Gigabits of free storage.



Brian MacLeod

Hi Sakthi,

Google will not create a desktop OS (they are all web-based so just need a browser). Google is unlikely to create a server OS (they love Linux and the price is right). Google’s interest is in serving content in many different forms. That focus places their interest in web server architectures and they already have one – GWS/2.1 – check it out (and it runs on Linux).

Good luck,


Rohit Mehrotra

Yes Google will definitely create its own OS. I am not a techie but in my view it will have the following traits definitely:

1. Any system having any version of Windows will easily able to run it
2. It wont crash.EVER.
3. If one has internet connectivity, she will be automatically signed in to orkut, gmail and all other google services
4. Every user…thats right every user will have a personal we page thru which google will give an opportunity to earn money (courtesy free adword service!)

Thats all i can think of as of now

Slava Bushtruk

Google won’t create client OS in current sense. Meaning, there will be no desktop with lots of software and drivers to run much different staff.


Google will have Operating Place(System) by creating different useful ONLINE(platform independent for end users) services like that already known. And one of the last step will be a Google Browser (we have already heard rumor), but it won’t be a program for some existing OS, it will may be a simple gadget which main target to brows through internet where Google services are dominated yet. This situation will bring more superiority.

Described system looks like Operating System for internet users. But professionals like programmers will be waiting more-more time for such virtualization.

NOTE, it’s just one of ways.

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