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As I am due to start my preparations shortly (from 1st July), it is time to draw up a plan that works. My past experience tells me that my weakness lies in verbal, particularly in sentence correction and reading comprehension. So, I am going to start with these areas and continue revising until the test day along side other preparations (Quants, AWA etc.).

Here is the plan

Week1 (5 days) Manhattan SC

Week2 Manhattan RC & Kaplan Premier verbal

Week3 Kaplan Premier verbal

Week4 Kaplan Premier Quants

Week5 OG 11 (20 questions from each section every day)

Week6 OG 11 (20 questions from each section every day)

Week7 (4 days) Revisions & AWA & Exam

In addition I am looking to do Kaplan 800 every day from Week 3 to Week 6 whenever I find time (if at all I do!). Manhattan SC is also on the list for revisions every day.

I am looking to take 6 CATs during the preparation as below

Power Prep 1 & 2
Manhattan CAT – 2 tests
GMAT Prep 1 & 2

Yes, it is a very tight schedule. Looking at the comments I have received in the Blog and through other sources, people think I am being over optimistic here. Taking that into consideration, I will assess my preparation by taking GMAT Prep 1 at the end of week 4. If I don’t score around 700 with a verbal score of 38 plus, I will have to reconsider my position. Hopefully I can stick with the current plan


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