What i expected from my employer?

I have never thought about my salary for past two years because i am getting an amount from which i can save a little bit every month after all my expenses.

Recently there is a thought arising in my mind…Am i really getting what i am worth for?

I couldn’t find an answer with a positive sign before it.

I said the salary doesn’t bother me..so what else is bothering me…i am contended with my Project, PL, PM…everything i got best of its class…

Finally there are few things which irritates me…

i find the board is missing the real focus…Satyam is definitely not under a better hand of management…They are looking out for their expectations and benefits ofcourse which shouldn’t be blamed from their point but not feom mine…

I sense lack of enthusiasm for non SAP practices here, to win, to sustain, to motivate…

The upper crew is concentrating only on expertise and verticals, they just dont want to compete or develop non expertise…

i can smell a different motivation behind the acquisition…they are strong in one domain and they need to be strong in another competency unit…

Me, at a developer level wish to compete with fellow IBM, Accenture, Infosys and TCS…but it feels to switch rather than staying and watching my once beloved ‘Satyam Computer Services ltd.’ to die in every aspects.

The extreme sentiments was visible when a fresher who s about to join in aberdeen business school in about a month doesn’t want Mahindra to be tagged in his ID card…he wish to leave from Satyam Computer Services Ltd. rather than Mahindra Satyam…ofcourse sentiments lasts long…:)


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