Taken from Sun Microsystems Student Zone’s Notes in Facebook

Last week, Sun interns had the opportunity to sit down with Chief HR Officer and Executive VP of People and Places, Bill MacGowan to discuss career advice for the present and future. It was great to hear Bill address this audience with transparency and directness. His five key points were:
1. Take feedback as a gift – don’t take it to heart or get defensive when someone is trying to help you. Acknowledge in a positive way to use to your advantage.
2. Practice your communication skills. In other words, be able to communicate effectively whether in an email, phone or in-person. It helps to be present in meetings with your manager so communications are not misconstrued.
3. Think from the aspect of your boss. In your position, what is right for the whole company not just what is good for you. Think of the bigger picture for the company’s benefit.
4. Don’t get stale in your job. Lateral moves are ok just mix it up every 3 years or so. This helps you to improve your skills, stay relevant and be the best you can be.
5. Keep external networks going. Network within company but make sure external networks are there as well.
I think this is solid advice and believe I have personally committed to these goals whether I’ve realized it or not. Bill also complimented this generation on being hard working and have better ideas of where they want to be. Today’s new graduates have parents who have guided them differently than when he was in college. Parents today also have more resources and the experience to help their children focus more specifically than just making the grade. Thank you Bill for an inspirational session! I hope the interns enjoyed it as much as I.


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