When the Satyam Scam hit….now and then

I have made my posts which i wrote during the scam time from Private to Public…as a precautionary measure i made those posts private for past 5 months…just select satyam tag or category….

i have serious of changes in my thoughts now as there is no more Satyam Computer Services Ltd…existing…and i am nomore an employee of Satyam Computer Services ltd.

I have witnessed a mixed set of feelings and utterings around me on then Satyam’s chairman when he released the scam to light….and witnessed those set of people in VPP now…and also who even after 10 yrs of experience and doesn’t knew what would happen next for them….they sticked on to satyam even after losing all their shares..staggered rewards… etc..but these are those who determined not to search another job outside satyam..atleast for then have got a really worthy projects now and are working in client locations…

we are really proud to have you as our senior people…i am mentioning some people whowork for Philips project.

The things which saddens me is the Honda team…which chucked out the entire unit in VPP except PL/PM and FLCL along with their BA. Where does the entire billing went for 16+ people for past 1.7 years…they were not billable for past 1.7 yrs and now in VPP. Why is it still invisible to HRs? will CP look into such sort of issues?

No negative comments please on those posts as i had enough already on those post…and learnt a lot during these past few months…


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