VPP in my company….

The total associates joining VPP [Virtual Pool Program] in my Company from my HCU accounts 1932 today… including my Unit’s Head and my previous assessor who made an eltp to interview me and asked him to give rating to me…

I belong to HCU Java! I may join the VPP next month or next year or later….

What makes me feel is “I FEEL INSECURE” despite being an associate who contributes to Organisation by working in a project…


7 thoughts on “VPP in my company….

  1. BEtter look out from now only. Outside market is very gloomy. If you are in non development activities its very difficult for you to get into another company.

  2. Sriraman was my previous assessor…it was during my confirmation appraisal…i didnot mention this appraisal…i was in Business wait then after ELTP Program.

  3. Hi,

    I have spoken to the Relship manager in my unit n he told us that the VPP was a one time activity. SO after they decide on it now others wont be added to it later on. Its not a garantee but thats what he told us.

    Harini/Anu Menon

    • @ Harini, No one in Satyam-Mahindra other than the top management knows whether the VPP is a one time activity.

      Infact another list is coming out for HR -Finance and other support people where instead of VPP there is direct lay off.

      for those who might be unaware of this… one side mahindra was sending associates from all bands (including I & I alpha bands) on VPP (& some direct OUT too), on the other hand a few selected BI & I band associates have been given a PROMOTION as well as a GOOD hike at this time .. Imagine that!!!

      Plus the basic reason why Mahindra is sending Satyam associates on VPP is such that it can fill in the new work requirements from the Physical bench of Tech-Mahindra as and when the requirements come in.. hence the employees of TM who are on bench are utilized at the expense of Satyam Associates…

      so what ever be , no person other than the top management of satyam knows whats gonna happen!!!!

  4. Tech Mahindra looking for java architect.. not within its 40000 technically strong workforce but in the WWW.
    We all know that MahindraSatyam has a lot of resources in their erstwhile Service Offering team in the guise as Architects. Many of them who are chamchas to the management are still sticking around this company.

    Why not choose from them if not from VPP and why looking in the open market.. What this reflects…Who is missing skills.. the HR of this company or these developers..


    Beat the Recession:-Tech Mahindra looking for Java Architect

    Greetings from Synergy!!!


    We have very urgent requirement with our client Tech Mahindra for its Noida
    location. Below is the job description in details please go through with the details
    and if its suits to your profile please send me your updated profile in word format
    with below information.

    Current ctc:
    Expected ctc:
    Notice period:
    Passport No. (Mandatory):
    Current location:

    Note:You should be open for initial onsite travel. Should be open to work from
    Noida location.

    We are seeking somebody for a consulting position to work closely with our
    product development team that is developing a product base on a J2EE application
    The candidate will be an individual contributor involved in:
    •Identifying best practices for application design (web, SIP) on an application server platform.
    •Recommend availability architecture
    •Execute platform capacity and performance tests
    •Recommend and setup application development environment
    •Configuration of the application server platform

    This person will be Subject Matter Expert (SME) on application developed on a J2EE
    application server, application server configuration, and development environment
    setup. This position requires a high degree of experience and knowledge of leading
    edge application servers (IBM websphere, Oracle Weblogic, open source). The
    position requires the selected person to possess oral communication skills. The
    position interfaces to all Engineering development teams.

    •Bachelors Degree in Computer Science or Electrical Engineering is required.
    •Masters Degree in Computer Science or Electrical Engineering is preferred.

    •2 years or more experience in architecting solutions on J2EE application server platforms
    •3 or more years of JAVA programming experience
    •1 year experience in configuring application servers for best performance
    •Experienced in establishing a development environment for J2EE application development.
    •Linux application development
    •Strong verbal communication and ability to work well with co-workers
    •Process (full life cycle development)
    •Systems- and architecture-level design experience

    •Experienced with the SIP protocol
    •Experienced in working with WebSphere and Oracle WebLogic application servers
    •Experienced in highly-available and redundant architecture definition.

    Abhishek Tyagi
    Synergy Relationship Management Services (P) Ltd
    Phone: +91-124-4500-700 (Board), +91-124-4 500-714 (Direct), +91-98994-93958 (Hand phone)

  5. I strongly suggest that you move on lookng forward for a new job before it is too late.

    Read the words carefully. VPP is a ONE TIME ACTIVITY but that does not mean that there are no layoffs. In VPP, TM paid 4 months basic which is 2months more than what is there in employment contract.

    Please understand one point. The minute you are not business worthy (read generating more revenue than you can earn in next 4 tears), you can be thrown out

    I was like you despite of my experience, hanging around in the company while all my colleagues were actively looking around for jobs after December 16th. I thought I was contributing to the stability of the comapny but in the end… all my friends got jobs but not me.

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