GM for Government Motors?

I couldn’t imagine the fate of GM. Probably how it would be and i will be after June 1. I have a reason to say so and GM is our customer. I can predict, if we stay with GM, then we may have a heavy load of work after its recovery from Bankruptcy.

But the question is…how is it going to handle all of its changes.

The handling of thousands of dealers, brands, parts, employees, suits, etc…etc… is really a biggest job for its CEO and team.

I cannot assume how a proud leader of american industry is going to file bankruptcy.

One thing cleary states that there is no people to question the CEOs moves. Such CEs like Rick has to be sacked immediately. He couldn’t sack the brands even after knowing that its producing loss. A CEO should think that company is his company. Otherwise it would end up with a scenario that will yield sympathy and anger towards its leaders.


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