Oracle buys Sun…A layman’s blogpost on the deal!

Oracle had announced that it had entered into an agreement to acquire Sun. Sun being an abbreviation of Stanford University Network, the company which funded the initial setup of the current internet conglomerate Google, has made me think a lot about acquisition.

What will happen to MySQL?

What will happen to OpenOffice?

What will happen to employee freedom?

Will Open Source, once said to rule the world, have future? we have to revitalise our thoughts on it!

Where is Novell now? Where is Sun now?

The profit margins when made lesser, the companies wont stand in long run. But the higher rated one may face difficulties for short terms but not for long terms. but those firms should have a firm position to face a long run economically.

My idea may be different ar weird…or my insight on these mergers may sound very indifferent…but my ultimate idea is what made these companies fail? the only good thing is we will be able to get some sound managers in due time! who really know what recession and its impacts makes to an organisation!

The very good thing about the deal is the customers will be getting much sophisticated services on some mission critical computing systems and enterprise softwares.

From investors point of view, theres a growing competer for IBM. IBM may be leading the service industry but it will be facing a strong competition from HP-EDS, Oracle-Sun because it haven’t done any such big deals so far!!!

But who knows…Oracle may acquire Apple in future…If Larry’s friend Steve agrees…eventhough theres no logic behind my words…just imagine how it will be when ORACLE-APPLE merge??? you know what? Larry and Steve are good friends…Wikipedia says!

Microsoft and IBM may have many zeroes in their financial statements..but why are they hesitating to offer few more cents per share?

I have to do MBA to analyze all these cases…now i just can only blog my views when Moon and Stars will follow the SUN?

I have bookmarked Jonathans blog a couple of years ago…but didn’t followed it for few months now…

I still remember the case Sun and NetApps fought for…

Read directly from Jonathan Schwartz here…

Take a look at Melanie Craft’s website here


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