A Tribute to Prof. Stephen Hawking

Quantum Cosmology, Cosmic Inflation, Density Matrix, Baby Universes, de Sitter Space, Quantum Entanglement, Arrow of Time, String Theory, Brans-Dicke and Hoyle-Narlikar Theories of Gravitation, wormholes….etc etc..

These are some of the investigations made by the physicist of this century Prof. Stephen Hawking.

I dedicate this blog as a tribute to him..who is hospitalized now…May our wishes and prayers makes him recover with good health very soon.

I remember one of the professor from Madras University, Dr. Manikavasagam, saying that understanding his notations will cost some years for traditional newtonic physicists. I admire Dr.Manikavasagam as well as Prof. Stephen Hawking.

His very famous contribution to the world “Stephen Hawking – A Brief History of Time” is here…Download it if you need.


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