TechMahindra and Satyam..

When i came to office today..there were few people discussing about something… before entering the lift…along the corridors..I didn’t noticed eventhough people behaved unusualy…

But when i entered the development teammate gave a surprise news..we are Tech Mahindra now…immediately i asked him “Is the Deal over and announced?” he said “Yes”

I was wondering “how can i forget this date?”

Soon after Christmas…we got a blow..and after Easter we got this news…we have to wait and see about the Strategy of the new ownership…how they are going to handle us…etc..etc…

From my personal point of view…i didn’t expect L&T’s takeover…because i personally think they are not sounded to make a strong and bold move in this recession…but i didn’t expect Mahindra too to make such an excellent move to expand their business and to have atleast 30000+ dedicated and excellent resources to compete…

I still pray for our ex-chairman to have a peaceful life…hope he shouldn’t have seen all these stuffs atleast in his lifetime…his child “Satyam” getting an initial changed to some other…but let god give him strength to face all charges against him…

But we are here to make the Satyam-TechMahindra deal a successful deal and to make a profitable venture…


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