Welcome Nano! Thank you Ratan!

General Motors is in Trouble…Ford had heavy cost cutting on its way so far…Honda had already opted out of F1 Racing citing its as unwanted expense…

The LandRover and Jaguar Deal, Mamta Banerjee’s Riots, Buddadeb’s Plea, Narendra Modi’s whole hearted welcome…

And my system clock says me just to wait another 24 hours to welcome “The Pride of India and India’s Automotive Sector” Tata’s Nano, The People’s Car.

Again a much awaited and an another contribution that adds an another jewel to India’s glory.

The whole India and why not to say that the whole auto lovers would be expecting the Nano’s birthday tomorrow.

And i feel its right time to thank the Tata Groups, That Tata Sons and The People’s Man “Ratan Tata” for giving us such a wonderful car.

May Nano be a fantastic success for him.

Thank you Mr.Tata!

Links for you

Chairman’s Message:


Nano: 360 degree View


The Nano Team



One thought on “Welcome Nano! Thank you Ratan!

  1. Tata has raised the prestige of India by showing the world the technological competance. For a realistic comparison we should look at China, there is a model from Cherry for 5200 $ which has dual air bags and features available in mid segment cars in India. So with specification of Nano a 2500$ car could have been built there. Of course creating a specification for a middle class person to migrate from 2 wheeler to 4 wheeler is the real achievement and full marks to to Tatas.

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