The Tiger, The Lotus and The Peacock’s Rising?

Sometimes i feel empty hearted and i dont find words to express the nature of people around me [If any of my friends are reading this please admit me..i am not telling you….

There’s a lot of situations where the ego prevails over the sense to end in a win-win situation. At one time i have to admit that sense to differentiate things and age is not directly proportional as commonly believed and carried over the generations.

I have met a lot of people in and around me whom i dont know whether to laugh at them or to feel worried that those people to speak about Economy, Diplomacy and estimating other people who were on popular dice.

I often heard people saying “What is he worth of?” towards a politician or having hatredness towards a single individual… which has developed because of nothing.

you may think you are wasting the time..but all these situation you have and will be encountering in day to day life…

At that time i use to question whether our nation is rising????


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