A Mock Budget of India!!!

I suddenly got an idea of creating a mock budget for whole nation [dont laugh at me]. I just thought of me in the Finance minister position[Atleast i am thinking na] and i thought of putting expenditures and income. Though i am unaware of finance, economics, micro-macro stuffs., i thought of devising it as a trial and compare it with the budget thats going to be presented for this year.

I roughly thought of current scenario, how a minister managing finance will be handling the economy, save jobs, increase profit, payback loans, etc… etc.. despite al these situations he have to keep in mind about the forthcoming elections, sudden natural and artificial calamities, depression condition etc.. etc…

I heard from one of my friend that there is a depression prediction if the economy is not bouncing back in next two quarters. I dont know about the prediction but have to wait for atleast next few months for the facts.

The entire finance ministry will be in a busy tmie now by calculating the balance sheets, predicting the economy, doing great calculations which decdes fate of us.

Lets wish and hope that there will be a better budget…


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