Day 6: A Fresh start for this week @ Satyam

Business is very very normal today.

I havent opened my mailbox on weekend and as soon as i entered today i filled my timesheets and i checked my mail. 14 new mails[ i am just a developer] and one mail contained “When one man can create Satyam as an organization of 53,000 people, why not 53,000 committed people can rebuild one SATYAM?”

Truly inspiring mail for this week.

People are not worried at all about the happenings..atleast almost everybody forgot…or not speaking about that…

Some people have received mails from external agencies which are poaching them and its rejected by them.

Believe me its true…a nine yr experienced teammate and a very good friend of me had received that and he had turned down that offer. he said he want to be in satyam.

Theres lot of positive mails of being united for satyam from associates and lot of mails for sacrificing our own salary for welfare of company. thats really a wonderful experience to read that mails. If raju is seeing these mails he never feels worried about his child “Satyam”.

I have to comment about some of the comments i received for my stand with satyam. i have approved almost every comments without any censorship. and almost everyone are negative ones except Mr.Krishnan’s.

I feel proud and mighty to stand with satyam at this moment.

I believe that soon satyam will be back on track overcoming all these hurdles.

Satyam have bagged a NEW Fortune 1000 Chemicals customer Sigma-Aldrich Corporation with an engagement value of 2.0 Mn USD for SAP CRM SFA & Marketing & Campaign Management implementation against stiff competition from Global majors IBM, Accenture & Wipro.

We have decided to wear the Satyam brand shirt tomorrow to show our commitment and unity for satyam. Its provided to all freshers while we were in training.


3 thoughts on “Day 6: A Fresh start for this week @ Satyam

  1. It is good to see the commitment of a young person. But, alas, your blind commitment also want me to throw up. Have you noted that the child Mr. Raju was really cyphoning the funds out of your paychecks/performance appraisals was really for his sons’ companies – the so called maytas 1 and maytas 2?

    God, you green horns make me pity you so much. Just think back to what you got for all the hard work. Who sold you out? If your Raju was any way concerned about the so-called 53K employees, would he have done this? What are you to him anyway? A piece of garbage that can bring in the moolah to fund his family pet projects? Give me a break.

    Also, did you ever get to talk to any of your Satyamites that lived in US? Also find out if they got the green card processed through Satyam without facing any issues. Ask them what Satyam did, if they got injured overseas. Ask them how much pay they received and if they ever saw any tax returns that are given to them by US federal and State governments. Find out how much pay raise they received while at clients’ site.

    Please take some time to get to know some ex-satyamites and let us know what they think. They all must be laughing their hearts out, not at the employees, but for the fraud this company had always been.

    Your commitment is appreciable, but in this case, I feel, is totally wasted on a worthless cause.

  2. Nice man really nice…….I really appriciate your commitment……If u r really so as u say than Hats off to u……If there are atleast 100 people there in satyam like you than no one can make satyam down…….I havent ever commented on any blog……..But I really liked this post…….I hope that there should be some people who have such attitude for India too……

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