An email from a proud and mighty Satyamite.

Dear Friends
Today I don’t know why but a thought came into my mind and refreshed the memory of a day down the lane…The day use to be “Tuesday” during my ELTP training days.
Inside – use to beat a heart-my heart and just a few millimeters above it,
Outside – use to shine a logo, carrying a glorified past of 21 years of excellence.
A scene passed by my mind that during the coffee breaks or lunch time when Our batches comes out, I use to see a lot of “little” Satyams flaunting here and there-proudly. I use to see a smile on each one of those faces, 23-24 years old in age.

Today, I thought and made up my mind that when our leaders are busy in retaining the confidence of clients, I would like to show my confidence in them by once again taking out that white shirt with a blue Satyam logo shining on the pocket, just above my heart, from the cupboard and come to office wearing it once again on the coming Tuesday.

Friends, as ELTPs, don’t you think that we really owe it to Satyam for being provided us with a golden opportunity to start our career, and launch us in this IT sector from a very strong platform. Didn’t Satyam really bring us up as its own children?

Friends its time to show our solidarity, our integrity and our loyalty and above all our faith in our Organization

May I appeal to all the ELTPs that friend lets start a revolution. This Tuesday on 13th of Jan, We will all wear that Satyam logo shirt and once again flaunt the little Satyam in the premises of campus.

This is our way to show that, “United We Stand” and tell our Leaders that Sir please go and say the clients, both existing and upcoming, that we are ready, to face any challenges and We will not let all those incidents that happened in last 48 hours, to affect your business, as our motto itself says, Business Transformation. Together.

And my respected seniors, Sirs/Madams, We are with you in all your efforts to win back our glory.

This Tuesday ELTPs@Satyam will stand united to give support to the leaders, working day and night to save our careers.

Every Satyamite is a leader and this Tuesday we will prove this…

Are you together?? Are you ready??

If yes than please circulate this mail to as many Satyamites as you know…and don’t forget to wear the Brand Satyam Shirt on Tuesday.

nd yea. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

The World Will Witness ‘The Rise OfSatyam-A faithful and hopeful Satyamite

Its sent to us by Ashish Jain from Gurgaon.

Its actually a email sent by him to all of us as an appeal.

you can reach him at


2 thoughts on “An email from a proud and mighty Satyamite.

  1. I want to share some of my thoughts with you as I have been seeing a lot of information on the internet about Satyam:
    1. I would like to know as for working in Satyam, what are the self initiatives which you as an individual to save the image of Satyam and to bring more confidence among the team ‘SATYAM’

    I am working for another s/w gaint but god knows what will happen to us – you will never know.

    But here is what I think:
    So many farmers have died in AP and nothing was talked about like how Satyam is talked on. I think it should be left on its own to get bailed out. Only a greedy man can do such a think to a company who has built it so big. Also, I would want to bring this point that in the US, Bernard Madoff, the former Nasdaq chairman who was charged on with massive fraud (50 billion), was brought to court soon and things are happening fast to find out what went wrong and find out how much money he has eated and which can brought out from hidding to bail some of the people who where affected by him. So, I wish the Indian law makers and thinkers who talk big and very slow in doing what they have to do – should bring these kind of sitution to rest on a ‘ASAP’ manner. MAN – we are lossing our image abroad. I was there in times square and I could see a ticker on NASDAQ bad about SATYAM and I was very much sad to see that. People around me saw me and said – way to go buddy. I hate to see such news on the world forum. We are there for all kinds of issues poverty,slow development , corruption etc. Software industry was one respected one for India – NOW THAT IS GONE.

    So bottom line – SATYAM issues has not only affected Satyam as a company but also the whole India software image. It is very hard to built a image but very easy to loss that – I think that is what has happened now.

    I feel sorry for the Satyam guys – but things will turn around and good days are ahead.

    Good luck guys!

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