Day 3: Life @ Satyam after Scam

I left today morning after almost 10:00 AM – 6:00AM work… and returned back to office at 2:30 PM to office for todays work.

We had some VPN issues so we couldnt prolong with our tasks as usual. there was some delays. Tickets raised internally took more time for RMs approval which made me to think ” We shall not make our clients to think that this delay was because of recent happenings” later i thought these things were childish and even may be true…

Things were normal today…nobody worried for anything..Business is going well… GM maintainence team were involved fully in recent MERs [Minor Enhancement Requests…i guess] since we got two days Pongal holidays next week.

We have done our work today and waiting for our CapGemini Managers to approve our requests for recycling JVMs for Pre Prod.

We got news from our friends that Our Ex-Chairman Mr..Raju and ex-MD surrendered in AP.

And also directors to be appointed to the board.

Today i was well prepared and decided firmly to stand for satyam till the peers ask me to move out.

Adding to it, we were provoked by Narayanamurthy’s comment on satyam.

We were happy to know that people in USA who were not linked to satyam in any means are writing and expressing their criticism for Narayanamurthy’s comments.

Infosys was once a dream company to get in for me….now… today…i regret for that…today i felt that i should never join Infosys till my last breadth even if i am sent out of satyam….

we now care for our clients….for past two days productivity was little slow as we believed media blindly…today we are understanding the media is also doing their business for TRPs…

Monday we believe work will begin with full swing….after pongal holidays we are very sure the things will be much more productive than before….

Only thing we cannot digest is if our chairman looted the money…if he had lost the company’s money then we will never feel angry towards him or his family… after all we worked for him…and he was our boss once…till few days back…

I often feel happy that he is facing the law…i am very happy that he didnt commited suicide like things…

I will put a orkut profile of one of my friend whos in Texas. he is nowhere connected with satyam.

I thank each and every individuals who prayed for satyamites and i wish that situations that happened to us shouldnt happen to any of you.

Profile of a Texas MS Student [A Mechanical Engineer']

2 thoughts on “Day 3: Life @ Satyam after Scam

  1. Satyam is a joke ……And Fraudlingam raju is jailed :)) what a disgrace!!

    and infosys doesnt need u dudes!! stay in tainted satyam!!

    dont litter infy with ur presence!!

  2. Lifebeyondobvious?

    I met quite a lot of people who have joined Satyam from Infy and viceversa….

    I havent sent my resume to Infy or any of IT companies…. and i will never do that blunder in joining yours…so be happy…

    And we had been your competitors so far and we will… and remember its a single guy who is a not IT guy who competed with 5 people who had an IT background…

    And finally remember phanish who played with your employees…and disgraced citizen who doesnt even had respect for National Anthem…huh

    And remember…i am just as you…when you feel Infy as your own…so am i to feel satyam as mine…:)

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