Second day life in satyam after the scam

It started well today morning.

It was a misty day morning here in Chennai Marg Square Office.

We started our business as usual today morning.

We came, logged in, vowed not to open any news sites, filled timesheets, checked our mailbox….

we received a lot of calls both days…from school friends, college friends, relatives, father, cousins etc… infact still receiving…

I still stick to my first employer i.e. satyam… till the point they think that i cannot contribute anything to our company i will try my level best to do all possible sort of things to uplift my Satyam.

i havent circulated any resume of mine today or yesterday… and decided not to until there is stern decision  taken by board.

we had openhouse meeting with HR today afternoon… Vice President addressed us… it was for our associates…

VP confessed that Subbu will address us soon…i dont know whether i will blog it tomorrow

Then after some deployments we did for our client we moved to Cafeteria where the Press Meet is telecasted in the TV placed there.

Some 500- 1000 Associates were there watching it…Ram was also in same state as us…atleast he seemed so…

We signed in a plain white flex stating Spirit of Satyam…May be it will be displayed in later time.

I signed as “Time will Change! we still Love and Respect you Mr.Raju…We will be there for Satyam”

Many have scripted for our stand as united… to be frank my eyes shed its drops when i read it…

Many have commitments like Home loans, car loans , education loans etc.. Associates don’t know what to do if we loose our jobs…dont know whether we will receive any salary for january…

but still its not a fraud.. its not a mistake of one individual… i care Mr.Raju… I pray god to give him enough strengths to live and face the tough period….


4 thoughts on “Second day life in satyam after the scam

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