A blog from a Satyam Employee:(

Its disgusting and feary atmosphere here in morning session…. till post lunch period.

We were in a total disturbed situation, whether to continue work or whether we get the pay for this month or will our client retain for next quarter or will we be asked to leave the premises…

we were grouping in cafeteria at lunch to watch Udayan’s comments in CNBC TV18.

at times we thought if this shouldn’t be a dream sort of…

we had received mails from our top officials which injected the confidence temporarily atleast.

then after lunch we had meeting with delivery heads and HR people.

then as usual we started to look into the tasks.

we feel bothered for our former or outgoing chairman Mr. Raju.

Media may claim him, investors may claim him as fraud. but not us, the employees.

i am a low cadre employee relatively[atleast] in satyam, i have sympathy towards Mr.Raju.

Hats off Ramalinga Raju….The world may say you a fraud..but if the 50000 employees have faithfully worked for you, to uplift the company, today you will not be in such a position before the government and investors.

Its time for employees of corporate companies to check whether we are true to our self atleast????

i still have great respect for our outgoing chairman and his family…. all i can say is over for now…


11 thoughts on “A blog from a Satyam Employee:(

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  3. You have respect for a person who has degraded India in the eyes of the world? Man I think you need to check your ethics too. Dont be sympathetic towards him. He has loads of money to feed himself n his family but think of those who will not get jobs today in the market because of this fraud.

    Be patriotic not sympathetic !!

    Jai Hind !

  4. Dear Mr.Ramalingu,

    I searched for your emailid in our database, i couldn’t find your name or the email id ramalingu@satyam.com here.
    may i request you to provide proper email id when you are posting comments. after all blogs are for open communication, and we express our loyalty to our bosses and kindly publish your email id atleast from next comment.

    And please dont use our ex-chairman’s name if you dont want to use your name. post it as anonymous.


  5. Dear Sakthi,
    Enjoyed reading your blog. Don’t you think you are violating organizational rules by blogging openly and criticizing your managers. It’s after all a small world

  6. I’m not an Satyam employee.. but work in IT industry

    This is a problem with us.. We like our leaders even if they are corrupt.. Bcos we feel they are the maharajas who have given us jobs and fed us all these while..

    But it is not the maharaja system … Investors are cheated… hard work of employees are put to waste… Why did he really start fudging the accounts in the first place even if he didnt make money out of that…

    Did he want to show that satyam share at 2000 Rs and some investors who believed and trusted have bought at that price.. Now what he and his sons have land bank (may be his benamies too ).. With his influence i think he will be out and probably doing small business..

    Same thing happened with Pentafour.. now trading at 1 Rs or 2 Rs.. Global trust bank and now Satyam !!!! And there are many many Finance companies who have cheated us.. Indians are easy prey for cheating.. Give indians some freebies they will be loyal for ever..

  7. I appreciate you all standing united and you should.. Btw, please find out if any other employee (HR etc) are indulging in un-ethical practice and bring it out to your management atleast now..

    Small un-ethical practices if not opposed day one cause big issues and later on eliminates all the good work we have done…

    Hope you all get good jobs and progress in career, with the support from your clients… Best of luck..

  8. You’ve got to be some kind of idiot to still have faith in the crooked ceo, and to hail him as if he is some kind of a hero. That loser fudged books and decieved everyone for a decade. And if you still want to make him your hero, you deserve what you’re going through.

  9. it is true that the money was taken from satyam and transferred to maytas a real estate company floated by rajus family
    why should we feel sad about raju
    it is also wrong that amount transferred to maytas is given to cm y rajasekharreddy as comission for awarding projects to maytas.

    raju should be punished for his misdeeds and also he should be hanged so that no one plays with public money

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