My eyes are wet and my heart is bumping fast…Dedicated to Sourav Ganguly

It’s my secondary days when we used to flock together to TV hall and sitting down monitered by our wardens in our hostel while we watch cricket matches during our sundays and inbetween the Study hours and Dining time.

Its was our good old trunk boxes and suit cases which along with our dresses and some other items will hold or have Ganguly and Sachin’s photos sticked on it.

we were in schooling days and ganguly was in his early twenties.

It is fantastic to remember the days when we roared for every fours and sixes, shouted for victories, felt bad for losing side.

The himalayan sixers are still in front of my eyes. i can still visualize the play of ganguly.

Days passed by…

Captaincy changed…

And when the cricket in India was in its almost worst condition, sourav was handed the captaincy.

And we still remember your game, the bold decisions you made, the best fights you did, the players you shaped, the team you built, the emotion and spirit that kept us lively, you are a true to be best of all captains we saw in our days sourav!

we remember your sixes, off drives, your commanding style, you are like a tiger which roars, when you are in field…

Its hard to think and feel that now we lose you and anil, and one day we will lose sachin and dravid, some days ater laxman…

We feel aged when we see all these things in future…

we might have criticised you… it may be because of love towards the game which was developed just because of you in our generation. if you are not there, if sachin is not there, we wonder what indian cricket’s state may be now…

we feel proud to have you…

we pray for you to have a peaceful and a wonderful life hereafter and for ever…sourav…

My eyes are wet and my heart is bumping fast sourav…when i see you in my television.


One thought on “My eyes are wet and my heart is bumping fast…Dedicated to Sourav Ganguly

  1. While reading this post ….it almost feels like that you have put ‘my thoughts’ into words!

    I shudder to even think of how watching cricket will be without Sachin, Sourav, Rahul, Kumble…….or will I be able to watch again any other match …….will I have the same passion?

    These guys are retiring…….my school time heroes……..then I am growing old!……yes am older now…..not anymore in school…….

    So many memories…..Sachin….demolishing the Aussies …… Ganguly fighting with the umpire ….over a wrong decision….. Rahul’s steadfast defence……. Anil’s 5 wicket hauls in the 4th day of Tests……

    They won’t be playing anymore…….

    P.S. Thanks for writing a wonderful post 🙂

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