Transition Economic Advisory Board (TEAB) for Barack Obama

The President elect Barack Obama have chose the 17 member high profile team for reconstruct the broken economy. The change is started. The first important move for a cause that is a reason of 2,74,000 job cuts approx. has taken. The journey should be a quicker and stable one. The decisions should be taken in a perspective and consideration that the recession will not happen in future. The measures should be taken to keep the economy in control. Let private organizations be not liberated. Let liberalization be up to a certain extent. let’s have a look at the TEAB.

• David Bonior (member of the House of Representatives 1977-2003)

• Warren Buffet (chairman and CEO, Berkshire Hathaway)

• Roel Campos (former SEC commissioner)

• William Daley (chairman of the Midwest for JP Morgan Chase; former secretary, US department of commerce, 1997-2000)

• William Donaldson (former chairman of the SEC 2003-2005)

• Roger Ferguson (president and CEO, TIAA-CREF and former vice chairman of the Federal Reserve board of governors)

• Jennifer Granholm (governor, State of Michigan)

• Anne Mulcahy (chairman and CEO, Xerox)

• Richard Parsons (chairman of the board, Time Warner)

• Penny Pritzker (CEO, Classic Residence by Hyatt)

• Robert Reich (University of California, Berkeley; former secretary, US labour department, 1993-1997)

• Robert Rubin (chairman and director of the executive committee, Citigroup; former secretary, US treasury, 1995-1999)

• Eric Schmidt (chairman and CEO, Google)

• Lawrence Summers (Harvard University; managing director, DE Shaw; former secretary, US treasury, 1999-2001)

• Laura Tyson (Haas School of Business, University of California, Berkeley; former chairman, National Economic Council, 1995-1996; former chairman, President’s Council of Economic Advisors, 1993-1995)

• Antonio Villaraigosa (mayor, City of Los Angeles)

• Paul Volcker (former chairman of Federal Reserve 1979-1987)


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