Change We Believe! Mr. President…

As an Indian, i strongly believe that USA is the decider, Leader, Setter, Constructor etc.. etc.. Its the nation which decides the future of other nations. It is single person’s decision to author the approvals for any constructive or destructive plans. The latter was chosen by soon-stepping-down President, whereas the belief that the person whos going to assume charge will not repeat it. ‘To Err is Human’ but Mr. President! if you err it decides the fate of many livelihoods…many Industries… many countries…many markets…The history speaks about you…the world remember you….your victory,your plan, your team, your senators…you may be a good orator which fetched you this position but do not forget your promises and above that our faith on you, your ability, we blindly believe you… your tagship “Change”, Make it happen Mr.President…

Click here to download Barack Obama’s Blueprint for USA Obama’s blueprint for Change


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