A Classical Musician’s Plea

Plight of classical musicians

Pravin Kumar Mishra

I am a classical vocalist (Hindustani) practicing, learning and performing since the last 18 years and very much concerned about the pathetic plight of the classical musicians.

I think it can be a burning issue of debate but nobody bothers to highlight and I am sure NDTV must do something regarding the real talents of classical music who go on practicing for hours and devote their life for achieving perfection in the real music of India.

The Indian classical music, which reflects the essence of the Indian culture, tradition and heritage, is pathetically got lost in the darkness.

The TV shows only concentrate on the artists and young talents who are no better than mere copycats of film music, and it seems that there is nothing left in this world except movie songs.

It is pathetic both for the real essence of music and the true musicians. Why the government does not do any thing regarding the students of classical art forms?

Are we on the verge of losing the wonderful art forms and the artists like many rare species only because of the apathy of the government?

Why classical music can not be made compulsory up to at least class eight so that the overall personality of the students can be improved? Why the classical musicians have to choose some other jobs for their livelihood?

Let NDTV organise a debate on this issue.

Pravin Kumar Mishra

1 / 7 Newton Avenue

Durgapur-713205 (West Bengal)

visit http://www.ndtv.com/debate/showdebate.asp?debate=user&nick=&story_id=9355 for his original request page


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