A Kashmir Muslim’s Speech in Indian Parliament

SHRI OMAR ABDULLAH, Member of Indian Parliament.


I am a Muslim, and I am an Indian. I see no distinction between the two. I see no reason why I, as a Muslim, have to fear a deal between two countries. The enemies of Indian Muslims are not the Americans. The enemies of Indian Muslims are the same enemies that all the poor people of India face, namely, poverty and hunger, unemployment, lack of development and the absence of a voice. It is that we are against. Until a few years ago, I was a part of the NDA and I was a Minister with them. The same Left people considered me as a political untouchable, and they considered me an outcaste because I was a part of the NDA. Today, the same Left people are telling me that all secular Parties must unite with the BJP to bring down this Government.
People think about Amarnath Yatra. Can they show any instance where any Kashmiri has talked against the Yatra. It was a mat5ter pertaining to our land and we will continue to fight for our land. But we are not communal like them and never indulge in demolishing Mandirs and Masjids.


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